Enterprise Applications

Engage your users whenever, wherever, and in multiple channels.

Enable meaningful touchpoints with customers 24/7. Allow your teams to be productive with automated processes. Whether you intend to improve your interactions with subscribers or internal users, via phone, tablet, or desktop - let us design and deliver the experience for you.

Novare has over a decade of experience in software engineering, with 200 software engineers trained to design, code, test, and operate web and mobile applications.


Delivery through Software Factory

We assign a self-organizing team that will break down your application into features, deploy a minimum viable product at the shortest possible time, and release updates to the software fast and often. See DevOps

Why Novare?

We have over 14 years of experience in software development

We have developed business process applications, customer portals, chatbots, subscription apps, financial apps, and more for clients in telco, banking, fintech, and retail, in the Philippines and around the globe. We have encountered and resolved hundreds of impediments during development. Millions of users on web, Android, or iOS access our apps everyday. Our lifeblood is in software development, and you have full access to our wealth of experience and expertise whenever you embark on a development project with Novare.

Rapid Development

Go to market with your minimum viable product - before your competitor does. With development governed by the agile methodology, we will be ready to deploy user features in weeks, not months or even years.

Start Small and Scale

Start with a team of 3 developers and grow depending on your development pipeline. Apply the Agile + DevOps model to a low-risk project first, and then work towards deploying multiple teams for more complex applications. We will be ready to scale according to your budget and requirements.

Fully Allocated Software Factory

Value customer collaboration over contract negotiation. With a fully allocated Novare DevOps team, you can prioritize apps and features that the market demands. Manage new features and change requests without having to wait for procurement approval each and every time.

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