Agile + DevOps

Take software development beyond IT - it's a way of doing business.

Breaking up your application scope into user stories. Releasing features frequently. Responding immediately to user feedback. In the hyperfast world of application development, there is just no room nor time for traditional scoping, designing, coding, testing, and going live. The cyclical Agile + DevOps model allows you to take software development beyond being an IT project - it’s a way of doing business.

Novare deploys self-organizing Agile + DevOps teams that are skilled in systems design, development, testing, deployment, and operations - acting like your very own software factory and guided by Agile methodology.


How it Works

Why Novare DevOps?

Novare has deployed thousands of features into production using the DevOps development model. As a result, our clients immediately monetize their applications and continuously engage their audience in multiple channels.

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