Use your data to serve your customers better and discover trends and models for growth.

Companies today own millions of dollars’ worth of data.They’ve also spent millions of dollars collecting the data through customer touchpoints across multiple channels, storing them in powerful machines, and maintaining them with applications and resources specializing in data. It’s about time you use that data to serve your customers better and discover new trends and models for growth.

Novare provides the full suite of data services from collection, ETL, analytics, visualization to intelligence.


Big Data Posture Analysis

Start with what data you already have. Novare provides services to review the current state of your data and recommend a roadmap on your journey to become a data-driven enterprise.


Make the most of information coming from all your data sources. Extract, transform, and load data into a platform where your users can readily conduct analysis.

Data Visualization

Empower your users to discover trends, spot outliers, and convert data into more business.

Business Intelligence

Actionable insights, new buying patterns, machine learning - all in the hands of your business users, only with the goal of improving your offerings and growing your business.

Why Novare for Data?

We put business first, technology second.

We understand that data science isn’t all about the most expensive software or the fastest hardware money can buy. It’s about asking the right business questions and setting up the right platform to answer them.

We can set up your data platform end to end

Our data team comprises certified data scientists, ETL engineers, and cloud specialists - we can make all the moving parts work together with full accountability.

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