Our consulting team help identify areas of improvement in mobility, big data, security and cloud storage. We present solutions that help enterprise clients achieve specific goals ranging from increasing cost efficiency to allowing an enterprise   to offer the best possible service to their clients.

Standards Development Organization

Trusted Advisory Roles and actively involved in SDO programs and global initiatives.

Our CEO, Myla Villanueva, as the GSMA Executive Management Committee Member, is a key contributor on a number of mobile operator initiatives, one of which brought about the One API work stream.

Craig Ehrlich, besides being former Chairman of GSMA, has served as chair of Beijing based GTI, the organization leading the integration of LTE to FDD

Our consultants active on behalf of our customers have worked closely with the GSMA, OMTP, W3C and member operator as specifications were defined, presented and implemented.

Client: World’s Fourth Largest Telecommunications Company

The Client wanted to deploy an API platform to serve its in-country network and will subsequently be rolled out to cover their networks in other regions and countries where they are present.

The main goal of the project is provide a steady stream of new and innovative products and services by building a robust and healthy third party developer ecosystem.

The platform provides a central management capability for partners, including financial settlement for partners regardless of their business location. This will be the global access point through which all partner access is managed.


Client wanted to transform their billing systems and environment to move towards the implementation of a model that is modern, borderless and updateable which can be efficiently and effectively utilized by a management and staff, and delivers a superior customer experience.

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the current state and develop an understanding of the challenges of the current systems – both from an operational and a service delivery perspective.
  • Identify areas of opportunity for improvement and recommend changes in order of priority.
  • Suggest game changers that could be leveraged in forging a plan for the modernization of the billing systems.
  • Lay our a roadmap for updating and upgrading the billing systems, thereby transforming the way that a client conducts business and services to their valuable customers.