NuBank is an integrated solution for loans processing application. It automates the long and tedious loans processing and cuts the turnaround time to hours from application receipt. Supports housing, auto and credit card processing flows.


Loans Origination System

Nubank makes the process by which a borrower applies for a new loan through to disbursement of funds a seamless process enabling faster results to customers. Our loans systems cover varied loans needs with templates for auto, real estate and SME.

Mobile Credit Investigation

Provides tools that allow field investigators ro accurately capture the borrower’s information. It makes use of the device camero to capture photos of documents and surroundings. Managing Credit Investigation types is simplified with the form builder.

Automated Appraisal System

Provides data collection, location capture, photo capture and drawing facilities ensuring field appraisers can work effectively and efficiently. Its configurable Automated Valuation Engine allow adjustment on the way reports are generated. With built in deviations approval workflow for exception scenarios.


The mobile application complements the web based portal. It allows for field force workers to access a business’s back end in a time efficient and secure manner. Features include downloading and uploading capabilities as well as photo capture and GPS coordinate mapping.
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