Deliver the computing power that you your customers need, today.

The long and winding process of purchasing hardware is just plain unreasonable. Business users need the computing power fast so they can serve your customers today. On the other hand, forecasting the specs of your hardware for the next 5 years and buying everything now does not make business sense. There’s really no way for your business to go but the cloud - and Novare can take you there.


Private Cloud

Manage the needs of multiple teams in your organization and enable them to start small, scale, and retire their own applications at the speed that their business dictates - all the while keeping your applications secure and within the confines of your facilities.

Public Cloud

The possibilities of scaling are truly unlimited when you take your business to the public cloud. Let the experts manage disaster recovery, high availability, and backups so you can keep your eyes on the prize of doing better business.

Why Novare for Cloud?

We are partners with pioneers in the cloud business.

Our team is certified in VMWare, Red Hat, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Whatever your choice of cloud is, we can deliver it.

We have been in the cloud business for years

We have designed, set up, and operated cloud infrastructures for years. We can replicate successes and resolve issues. The cloud may be a fairly new territory - but you can bank on our years of experience in virtualization and cloud.

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